VIP tickets

Want to clarify the VIP ticket sales a little if possible. There are two tabs. Individual VIP tickets and Vip booth sales. The individual VIP ticket tab is where you go to buy tickets at a VIP table on the floor. You can buy from one to however many you want. If you want to buy a whole table, some of the tables have 8 seats, some have 10 seats. No matter how many tickets you purchase, we are requesting that in the note section you put the names of everyone included in the ticket purchase. If everyone is not known at this time, just put how many seats TBD (to be determined). Also in the note section, if you are purchasing tickets, just for yourself, but there are others attending that you would like to be at a table with, put who you would like to sit with, and we will try to honor your wishes. You can also buy individual tickets for VIP booth seating. Just put in the note section that the ticket purchase is toward a VIP booth. The Isle of Iowa thanks you for your desire to purchase VIP tickets for Island Fever Showcase in 2023.

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