Send-Off Party

After a weekend of Great Music and Phriendship at Island Fever Showcase, our send-off party on Monday, September 4th will be held at the Legacy Grill! The Grill is located directly behind the historic Surf Ballroom. Before heading home, stop in to say goodbye and be entertained with the stories and songs from the one and only, Jim Hoehn! The Legacy Grill will also be available for food delivery to the Surf during Island Fever Showcase. More info will come out shortly!

A few months ago, the Surf Ballroom and Museum, implemented a bag policy that did not allow purses to be brought in. We are happy to announce that for Island Fever Showcase, they will not be enforcing this bag policy.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be a fun-filled weekend! What a great way to end your Summer! Info and tickets can be found at

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