In the life of country singer/songwriter, Isabella Stefania there is never a dull moment and that’s just the way she likes it. Though she’s grown up on the outskirts of the “Windy City”, Chicago, Illinois, Isabella is a country girl at heart. She’s got a taste for adventure that draws her to the great outdoors but, whether she’s riding ATV’s with family and friends, scuba diving the beautiful green waters of the Caribbean or watching a beautiful sunset the one constant is her music.​​​​
Her sound, an original blend she’s dubbed “Island-Country”, not only conveys her music style but exemplifies the natural beauty and easy going spirit that is Isabella. Though she’s just getting started, her rapidly growing fan base indicates great promise for the future. Her original song, co-written and produce by Doug Kahan, “Love’s Not Like That” is receiving great reviews and leaving her fans begging for more. 
Isabella’s love for performance began as a toddler. As a dancer, she felt at home on stage and also experienced the joy and excitement of pleasing her audience. Isabella worked diligently and became very accomplished as a dancer and later as a volleyball player. Sadly, an injury all but ended her days of dancing and volleyball but, her love of music was there to fill the void. 
Isabella focused her attention on learning guitar, writing and improving her vocals. Her hard work paid off when a family friend referred her to Bernard Porter, Founder and President of PCG Universal in Nashville, Tennessee. Porter invited her to attend PCG’s annual summer bootcamp so she and her biggest fans, her parents, made the trip to Nashville. Porter witnessed Isabella’s talent firsthand and was eager to begin molding this incredible piece of clay. Isabella was invited to attend the elite development program at PCG as an emerging artist and so began the process of uncovering her underlying potential. “She’s exactly what we look for in an artist, the whole package, truly talented. Her sound is really refreshing and new. She’s got a great voice, strong writing potential, a hard worker and she’s beautiful inside and out. Isabella is a pleasure to work with and I know she’s got what it takes to achieve great success in this industry,” comments Porter. Isabella began working with Porter and his team of coaches and providers in 2016 and her progress has been remarkable. Having earned the privilege, she recorded her first single, as well as, her first music video, directed by award-winning film directors, Michael Stryker and Josh Stever for “Love’s Not Like That” and continues to develop her skills as a singer/songwriter with monthly trips to Nashville and performing every chance she gets.
No one knows what the future holds but, one thing is certain, Isabella’s love and skill for making music will continue growing With that, her desire for more adventures and the ability to help make the world a better place will be fulfilled. As she likes to say, “Life is not meant to be lived in one spot. Ships in the harbor are safe but, that isn’t what ships are made for.” With her undeniable talent, strong work ethic, natural beauty, unwavering passion and a fresh, new sound all her own, Isabella Stefania is sailing for uncharted territory…wind in her hair, sun on her face, songs dancing in her head like stars on the water. 
Isabella would like her music to influence all ages whether it’s a feel-good sing-along tune or one that speaks to the heart of her beliefs. Her devotion is to being authentic and true to herself and being a positive role model for young women. 
Whether she’s deep beneath the waters of the Caribbean or riding  cross-country on a Harley one thing is for certain, there’ll be a song taking shape in her head and we’ll soon be singing along to another easy-going country classic.

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