Heather Vidal has evolved into a singer/songwriter who has spent the past 25 years performing with an acoustic duo called Copper Sky.  At the same time she has been a collaborator with several musicians in the TropRock genre including Dennis McCaughey, who opened doors to the Parrot Head community fundraisers and house concerts which are held all over the country.

With these wonderful connections, she is now branching out on her own at the ripe old age of… She writes her own music as well as interprets almost any genre of song.  Heather’s keen sense of melody and timing allows her to share a unique interpretation of a writer’s material while honoring the artist’s message.

Heather travels extensively during the year performing throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Ireland, Colorado, and Key West. She connects with people everywhere she goes with the help of her soulful voice and legitimate guitar playing.  She has become a regular “house concert” performer throughout the U.S. which allows her to share her time and music with friends in a more personal and meaningful setting.

Heather’s latest album entitled “Back Home” is dedicated to her cousin Jackie Elliott who lost her battle with breast cancer in May 2019.  Jackie, a hospice nurse,  became an inspiration to many because of her bravery and willingness to write about her experiences while living and dying with the disease.   Jackie was an advocate for change, particularly in our medical community, which struggles to grasp a healthy perspective of the part of life we call death.  

Being said, the album is intended to be upbeat yet address personal stories that confront adversity and angst.  The music is soulful, thought provoking, and clever.

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