Island Fever Storytime

The Isle of Iowa PHC would like to share a little story for your entertainment about Island Fever Showcase on

Labor Day Weekend 2023.

The Blooze Brothers will make us sing and dance along with their rendition of “Sweet Home Chicago”.

-We will all Live Like Jimmy Buffett” for the weekend w/Donny Brewer and the Dock Rockers.

John Patti will “Start the Party”.

-We will all be in an “Island State of Mind” with Jesse Rice.

We will all need to get up Bryton early because Bryton Stoll will be

“Taking His Ass to the Beach” and then on to the Lady of the Lake.

Jimi Pappas will bring you to the “Blue Water” of beautiful Clear Lake.

-When we Hear the Sound of a Bass Playing, there is a good chance it will be Johnny Doo.

Jim Asbell and the Tropiholics will be “Where Everybody’s Having Fun”.

-We all know that Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe Shepherd will be stating a fact “You Can’t Drink All Day” if you don’t start early in the morning.

-We will head down to “Whiskey Bay” with JD Edge and Rebel Railroad.

-The Boat Drunks will “Have a Couple Drinks with the Isle of Iowa”.

-We are giving Isabella Stefania the “Keys to the Sea Ray”.

-When we hear that Drumbeat, it will most likely be David Doolittle.

Christopher Dale will be “Bay Dreaming” in Clear Lake, Iowa.

-We will do some “Day Drinking” with Barefoot Reggie Starrett.

Heather Vidal is coming “Back Home” to Iowa.

-Make sure we have our “Rum Shoes” on to dance to the guitar picking of

Sunny Jim White (TRMA Entertainer of the Year).

-Mark Mireles will make sure that this weekend is “All You Ever Wanted”.

-When we hear that Saxophone, we all know it will be Brad Brewer.

Mike Nash will be working with the Barmaids to make sure there is plenty of “Cold Beer”.

-We will be Fishing for Mermaids” with Pirates, Guitars, and Beachfront Bars.

-We are moving Paul Roush up from the “B Team” for the weekend.

Bob Banerjee will be Fiddling around all weekend.

Tall Paul and Kristie Bobal will start our Sunday morning with “Tin Cup Chalice”.

-Like a lot of us, Drop Dead Dangerous will “Take Myself Home Tonight”

And of course, there is no better to end the weekend than the Storytelling and a few Songs from Jim Hoehn.

Well, if you made it to the end of our story, what are you waiting for? Join the Isle of Iowa PHC for a weekend of Phun, Music, and Phriendship in beautiful Clear Lake, Iowa at the Historic Surf Ballroom. Get your tickets at www.islandfevershowcase.

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