Island Fever Showcase Update - June 27, 2020

As the clock ticks down towards Trop Rock’s greatest encore -  the Island Fever Showcase at the Surf Ballroom, we want to provide everyone with an update about this epic event.  As of this moment, the Showcase is still on for Labor Day Weekend (September 4-September 7) 2020.  

While we continue to remain confident (and hopeful) everything will be a go, we also understand the need to make a decision that accounts for the health, safety & wellness of everyone involved.  Ultimately, these must be the driving factors in the decision-making process and the health, safety & wellness of everyone - musicians, fans, event staff, etc. will continue to be our top priority.  We want to assure you that our decision-making process is not taken lightly.  It is most definitely a team effort that engages the perspectives of many different voices - event organizers (including both the Surf Ballroom & the Isle of Iowa) & attendees, local officials (business, industry, government), public health representatives and perhaps most importantly the musicians & artists themselves.  

Early next week, we will be meeting to discuss where all of the critical elements currently stand in light of the continuing public health crisis.  While we do not anticipate that any final decision about the event will be made at that time (our target date for a final decision is July 10, 2020), we want all of you to be in the loop (and aware) of the ongoing assessments & discussion around this event.  

Again, our confidence continues to remain high - we will be together  in Clear Lake, Iowa on Labor Day Weekend.  And we also offer this reminder...  we want to make sure that we can gather in a safe & responsible manner that will preserve the amazing & unique experience that this event produces.  It is an experience that simply can not be replicated by any other festival/event & we will not compromise  the integrity of the experience simply to “hold the event” & get it done.   

We have Labor Day Weekend 2021 on hold in the event that it is not possible to hold the Showcase this year.  All of the entertainers who have been included in this year’s event would be included in a rescheduled event (in the event it is necessary to move it to next year).   So what we’re saying is that you should most definitely put a “hold” on September 3, 2021 - September 6, 2021 as we navigate through the decision-making process.  

When we announced this special encore edition nearly a year ago, no one could have possibly anticipated the current situation we find ourselves in.  “Unprecedented” while cliche truly describes each & every new day.  We assure you that we will work tirelessly (as we already are) to make the best decision that we possibly can!  

Thanks for your patience, your dedication to the music & your continued commitment to this amazing event!

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