Food & Drink (Friday)

Friday September 1st at Island Fever Showcase is going to be a busy day. We hope everyone is ready?!

If you are staying at any of the area hotels, we think that most are offering some sort of a continental breakfast.

If you see a restaurant you have an interest in, click on the restaurant tab at the top of the page. Many are on there.

If you are staying out in town, or just don’t want to eat at the hotel, here are several breakfast options. Close to the hotels is a Perkins and McDonalds. Off the next exit on I-35 to the south of the hotels is 7 Stars, a family-type restaurant. Uptown, in the area where the days festivities will be taking place, Sevens Restaurant and Steakhouse is located. They have good food, but if you don’t get there early, there may be quite a wait. Sevens do serve Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

Everything taking place during the day is within walking distance of City Park. When you find that, you will have it made from there!

If you just want to grab a cup of coffee, there are several options. Casey’s convenience stores have now installed coffee machines where they have different varieties of coffee and the beans are ground fresh with each cup. There is a Scooters drive-through coffee shop on Hwy 18 close to the hotels. Uptown next to Sevens Restaurant is Cabin Coffee Company. They also have some breakfast items.

Grab your cup of coffee and take a walk through the Central Gardens of North Iowa. 800 2nd Ave. N. It is a beautiful, relaxing place to take a walk!

After you have had your share of coffee, the VFW opens at 9:00am and will be serving Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Rookies Rockin’ Sportsbar opens at 10:00am, serving Bloody Marys and Mimosas, and they also have fresh popcorn for you to munch on. If you are a little late getting up, you can order breakfast while sitting at the bar at Rookies.

At 11:00am Tall Paul & Kristie will be singing at Elly’s (formerly Sharky’s). As of now, no rain is in the forecast….unlike 2021! Bring your bag chairs, if you brought them. Elly’s will be serving Bloody Marys with a homemade mix and fresh squeezed Margaritas, as well as your other cold beverages. She will also have hot dogs and frozen pizzas.

Some of you will have to leave early to catch your cruise on the Lady of the Lake at noon. On your cruise you will be listening to the tunes of Isabella Stefania and Bryton Stoll. Also, a keg of beer to quench your thirst! We will see you at 173 Craft Distillery when you are done. If you haven’t noticed, we send you on only a two-hour cruise……some of us remember what happens on a three-hour cruise!

After Elly’s, we will be heading across the park and up the street to 173 Craft Distillery! Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe Shepherd will be starting at around 1:15pm. They will be serving their own brand of bourbon, gin, and vodka. Deb Ptacek recommends the strawberry vodka lemonades, but they can get you into trouble! They also have some craft beers on tap along with some domestic beers in cans. They will be serving a limited food menu. We will welcome the boat cruisers back to the Phlock. And we will say see you later to those that are going to Pirates and Poets Allstar show. If you haven’t got your tickets, there are still some left. It will be Great Show.

The next stop on our adventure is Lake Time Brewery. It is about a four block walk from the Distillery to the Brewery. The music of Barefoot Reggie Starrett and Mark Mireles will be starting around 3:30pm. The brewery is brewing up some Pina Colada beer for us. They also will be serving beer slushies. There will be two food trucks, so we should have a good variety of food to choose from. Bring your bag chairs if you have them.

Please remember to please be patient at all these establishments! Many have lost their summer help with kids heading back to college. Make sure to tip the bartenders and wait staff. Also, please remember to tip the music artists that are playing for your enjoyment! Please, no open containers on the streets.

That concludes our uptown adventure, and after a short break, it is time to head to the Surf Ballroom and Museum for an evening of Great Music.

If you had not had a chance to pick up your VIP and two-day General admission credentials earlier in the day, they will be available at the Surf Ballroom.

The Surf has waived their bag policy for the weekend.

Music starts at 6:30pm.

Food options for the Surf Ballroom are:


The Legacy Grill: There will be cards with a QR code that you can scan that will have a limited menu on. The Legacy Grill is located directly behind the Surf across the parking lot. Also check the restaurant tab.

Casey’s: Pizza/wing delivery.

Gyro Place: Check the restaurant tab.


The Other Place: Check menu on the restaurant tab. Located three blocks straight north of the Surf.

Shao Ting Guo: Chinese. Hours are sometimes questionable. Located directly behind the Surf across the parking lot and street. Also check Facebook for phone number and photos of menu.

Various fast food restaurants: Subway, McDonalds, Culvers.


Half Moon Inn: Old time Steakhouse and American Cuisine. Is a popular place on weekends. May be hard to get into, but worth it if you do get in. Limited hours. Check restaurant tab. Located behind the Surf. Across the street from the Legacy.

Surfside: Upper scale restaurant. Tapas And Steaks. As you face the front of the Surf, to the right. Check restaurant tab.

The Other Place: Check menu on restaurant tab. Located three blocks straight north of the Surf.

That ends Friday! Saturday and Sunday next!

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