Food and Drink (Saturday and Sunday)

Most of the places mentioned can be found on the Restaurant tab on top of the page.

Start your Saturday and Sunday morning off with breakfast at your hotel. If you are not at a hotel, you can start with coffee at Casey’s, Scooters, and Cabin Coffee.

You can get breakfast at Perkins, 7 Stars, and Sevens Restaurant and Steak House.

VFW is open at 9:00 for Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, and Mimosas. You can also find these fine beverages at Sevens and Rookies.

During the day at the Surf Ballroom, here are some options.

For Delivery:

You will find QR codes around the Surf that will take you to a limited menu at Legacy Grill. They will deliver to the Surf Bar.

Gyro Place will deliver to the Surf.

Casey’s Pizza has delivery. They now have a thin crust pizza.

For Carryout:

The Legacy Grill. Located directly behind the Surf, across the parking lot.

Shao Ting Guo. As you can tell by the name, Chinese. Located directly behind the Surf, across the parking lot and street.

The Other Place. Located three blocks North of the Surf.

There is a new ice cream place, “The Olde Creamery” 604 Buddy Holly Place, across the street from the Surf to the east.

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