Covid-19 event update

It’s only four short weeks till Island Fever Showcase! There have been a few concerns voiced about the new Delta Variant that is now going around. As of right now there are no restrictions placed on any events being held. For Island Fever, the Surf Ballroom will be at less than 50% capacity. If you have VIP seats on the floor the seating is somewhat close. If after you sit, you feel like you might be a little too close, there should be plenty of empty booths around the ballroom that you could feel free to move to, if they have not been reserved. You are also welcome to wear a mask if you feel the need to. All tables will have a bottle of hand sanitizer on for use. There are also hand sanitizing stations placed around the ballroom. We want this to be a fun but safe event! Many of the pre-showcase events are outside so concerns should be less. We hope that you will have respect for your fellow Parrot Heads, and if you feel ill you will avoid coming. If there are any changes to restrictions we will put out an updated post. We have long been waiting to host this event and can’t wait to see you at our little paradise in the Midwest. See you all soon and in the meantime stay healthy and safe!

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